48 Gifts For Tattoo Artist

1. Funny Birthday Party Fizzler

Sometimes you just need to blow out the candles, grab a friend, and have fun with some bubbles! These birthday party fizzlers will have the kids laughing and giggling in no time at all. Each bubble solution comes in a convenient squeeze bottle allowing for easy dispensing of bubbles without breaking the seal.

2. Sketching Set

A great gift for the artist in your life. An entire set of sketching pencils, a sketchbook, 2 pencil sharpeners, 12 sketching pencils (including one that acts as an eraser and another that double as a blending tool), 3 charcoal pencils, 1 pencil extender, and 3 erasers.

3. Jewelry Box

Tattoos are a great way to express your individuality and this tattoo machine necklace is just the thing to help you do that! It’s made from alloy and artificial leather material, durable and lightweight. This keychain accessory can be used anywhere, such as at the gym or when traveling so you always have somewhere to get tattooed.

4. Waxed Canvas Apron Star Rating: *****

Waxed Canvas Apron This apron is handcrafted, reinforced with grommets and rivets, double-stitched tool pockets, and thick top and bottom hems which means it’s incredibly durable. Also includes a safety glasses strap and metal tape holder to keep your tools organized.

5. Head Lamps

A magnifier isn’t just useful for reading – it’s a survival tool! In an emergency, you may need to work with small objects like fuses or screws. A multi-position lighted headband magnifying glass is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has 5 interchangeable lenses that provide clear vision while maintaining distance from the object being viewed. The kit includes five lens covers and a cleaning cloth so no one sees your eyes when you’re out in public!

6. Portable Tracing Light Box

Tracing is an important part of art development, but it can be difficult to see your work when it’s done. This light box makes tracing easy and fun! The portable design means you can take your drawing anywhere. It folds up easily so it takes up minimal room in your studio bag or travel portfolio.

7. Kitten Socks

These socks are so cute, they’ll make any mother or daughter smile. They come in a pack of six pairs and each pair shows off an adorable kitten!

8. I Smell Hippies T-Shirt

Does this t-shirt make you feel old? Does it make you miss the 80’s? Of course not. But that doesn’t mean we still don’t enjoy a good throwback t-shirt every now and then! This funny shirt makes a great gift for anyone who wishes they could relive the Reagan era (and, let’s be honest, everyone else too)! Comes in black and grey colors.

9. Artist Sketch Set

This is a great gift for kids who want to become artists. The sketch set contains 41 pieces and includes a sketchbook with 50 blank pages, three charcoal sticks, two graphite pencils (one broken into two halves), two pastels, one soft graphite stick, one sharpener (also in half), four sandpaper blocks, four willow charcoal vines, one vinyl eraser, one kneaded eraser [with stand-ups], two stump blenders (for blending), four stubby crayons plus an organizer bag.

10. Cool Feminist T-shirt

Cool, calm, and collected. This badass t-shirt says it all—you’re a nurse who stays cool under pressure! Grab this shirt right away and spread the word that #nursesnotlame.

11. Anti-Social Anxiety Shirt

A funny shirt that shows support for people with social anxiety. Since the shirts comes in multiple colors you can choose which will fit your personality best! Also, this shirt is available in men’s cuts if your man has a hard time finding clothing that fits right!

12. Novelty Socks

If you can read this, bring me some ice cream. These hilarious novelty socks are sure to bring a smile to your dad’s face every time he slips them on. Made from 70% combed cotton and 30% stretch spandex, they have reinforced arch support for maximum comfort.

13. Novelty Cats Socks

Owls are super cool. These socks are not only funny but 80% cotton and 15% acrylic making them comfortable for wear all day.

14. If My Mouth Doesn’t Say It, My Face Will

This hilarious shirt from DannVoe is a great gift for that special teacher in your life. Perfect for a Christmas stocking stuffer. Also available in a Men’s style!

15. Tattoo Kit for Girls

My daughter likes to play pretend, and she likes being a tattoo artist. She was thrilled with this gift set. The product is well-made and there are plenty of supplies to keep her entertained for a while.

16. I Love My Tattoo Artist T-Shirt

This t-shirt makes a great gift for that tattooed guy in your life! Why not give him a comfortable and stylish shirt to wear when he’s out with his friends? 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Made by AmDesco, the same company that makes those awesome superhero tees. Available from Small - 5XL.

17. Micro Pen

This set of drawing pens comes with a variety of different tips so that you can find one that will be just right for the job at hand. They’re also wall-mounted, so they don’t take up too much room on your desk or table.

18. I’m Mom’s Favorite Comic Book T-Shirt

Nothing says “I love you” like getting your family members’ favorite graphic novel turned into a hilarious t-shirt. This shirt makes the perfect gift for that father or brother in your life who loves superheroes but can also never be bothered to read the comics.

19. I’m Not Anti-Social…I’m Selectively Cool T-Shirt

This hilarious shirt makes a great gift for that father figure in your life who hates being told he is “dad cool.” A perfect Father’s Day gift, Christmas gift or birthday gift for that guy who has everything! Makes a great gag stocking stuffer too!

20. Well That’s Not A Good Sign T-Shirt

If there is one thing dad’s like, it’s being able to tell jokes and have a good time. This shirt makes a great gift because it gives them the perfect opportunity to do both. With funny sayings like “Nothing says I love you like getting your clothes wet when you take them off” this shirt will make any father smile.

21. Baby Bath Set

Soft, cozy, and cuffs that won’t hurt your baby’s little wrists are the things new parents want most. This onesie is made of a cotton/polyester blend so it's warm but not bulky. It has drawstring for a custom fit and the neckline has been cut high enough to avoid those annoying droopy diapers.

22. Coffee Mug

This mug makes a great gift for consultants, freelance writers, or any other professionals that have dealt with frustrating clients. This 11oz ceramic coffee mug features large handles for easy gripping and a wrap-around print. These heavy-duty mugs are both dishwasher and microwave safe.

23. Kitchen Apron

“This apron is so cool! It has a unique design, an awesome color scheme, and it’s made out of cotton. Also, it can be personalized with the artist’s name and location (ie. ‘Kate from NYC – clay studio’).

24. Light Box

An ultra-thin light box that can be carried in the pocket and used anywhere. It has a high light uniformity, even lighting, flicker-free illumination, and is available in bright lights for viewing X-rays or films. Constructed with durable plastic material to last for many years of use.

25. 52-Piece Art Set

An all-inclusive pack that contains everything a budding artist needs. This set has 52 different pieces, including four kinds of graphite pencils (two soft and two hard), charcoal sticks of varying hardness, pastels, colored chalk, craft knives, extenders, sandpaper pointers, blending stump papers for mixing colors while sketching out ideas on the sandpaper pointers and kneaded erasers.

26. Tattoo Machine Kit

With this complete tattoo machine package, you’ll be set with everything you need to get started on your new career as a tattoo artist. The kit includes a power supply, foot pedal, ten disposable tattoo needles, two tattoo grip tape sheets (one red and one black), one pair of latex exam gloves, aftercare cream (to moisturize the skin after getting inked), and a carrying case for the gear.

27. Why is the Carpet All Wet? T-Shirt

Why is the carpet all wet? Because you’re wearing a shirt. From the Manufacturer Funny t-shirt for men and women makes it easy to stand out at your next event. Our unique designs are stylish and engaging, drawing attention to your brand while poking fun at yourself or others! Perfect gift for birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or just because!

28. Temporary Mermaid and Unicorn Tattoo Kit

This is a great gift idea for kids who love wearing makeup. This temporary tattoo kit has several designs that will appeal to all ages. There are 175 designs in this pack which makes it great value for money and there are different colors for boys and girls.

29. Leather Apron

This apron is handmade with durable mid-weight 8 oz twill, reinforced with genuine leather patches, 100% cotton straps to avoid allergies and guarantee your comfort, and durable anti-rust vintage brass metal hardware, grommets and clasps. With this apron you will look the part of the professional baker/barista/chef that you are!

30. Vinyl Record Wall Clock

This unique wall clock features an old-school analog face and a digital display. The time is shown both numerically and phonetically (e.g., “1:45 PM” instead of “one forty five p.m.”). This fun yet practical gift adds just the right touch to any space!

31. One-piece Swim Diaper

If you’re a first time parent, you know how much gear newborns require. That’s why we created the one-piece swim diaper—a waterproof, breathable swaddle that keeps your baby dry and comfortable. The snap closure provides an extra layer of security and folds away into the back of the diaper for added discretion.

32. Art & Sketching Set

A good set of art supplies is essential for a budding artist. This set includes all the necessary materials to create your masterpiece, from pencils and paper to paint and brushes. It’s perfect for kids who love to draw or just need some new things in their collection.

33. Best Fucking Tattoo Artist Ever Coffee Mug

The perfect gift for anyone who loves coffee. Also, this is the type of mug everyone will be jealous that you have. It’s nice and big so it lasts longer than just a coffee cup and has a comfortable handle to make holding it while drinking easier.

34. Dragonhawk Mast Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

This is a cool tattoo device that looks like the wing of a dragon! The machine works by turning the head of the machine in different directions to draw on your skin. It’s easy to use, comes with detailed instructions, and is fun to play around with.

35. Diner Mug Set

This set of mugs has several designs, including a tattoo artist. It’s a fun gift for that coffee or tea drinker in your life!

36. Purse Organizer

This makeup organizer is made of a sturdy, wipeable material and has several different sections for everything from jewelry to toiletries to cosmetics. Since it’s large enough to hold a lot, you can travel with ease!

37. Vintage Bike Onesie

Are you ready for some autumn fun? What toddler isn’t going to love this vintage bike onesie. This is the perfect outfit to take a ride with your little guy on the trails or down the block.

38. Graphic Novelty T-Shirt

“When this virus is over 2021″ is a funny t-shirt for anyone who knows that it’s not the end of the world. The shirt comes in several colors and makes a great gift for those who love sarcastic humor.

39. Star Wars Baby Yoda Starry Night The Mandalorian Men’s Adult Graphic Tee T-Shirt 100% cotton. Imported. Machine wash cold with like colors, dry low heat.  #CATOONSHOP

Star Wars Baby Yoda Starry Night The Mandalorian Men’s Adult Graphic Tee T-Shirt Baby Yoda loves the night sky and this baby blue Jedi adult graphic t-shirt reflects that passion! Made of a soft cotton blend, it features Yoda looking up at the stars in his home planet of Dagobahprinting on the back neck/shoulder for easy wearing and removal.

40. Whimsical Gifts Earrings

Whimsy, imagination, and curiosity are the hallmarks of a child’s soul. Celebrate those qualities with these whimsical gift ideas featuring lead-free pewter charms on sterling silver or 14k gold-plated wire.

41. Vintage Tattoos

Vintage tattoos are making a comeback! This book chronicles the history of vintage tattoo motifs in thematic chapters interspersed with profiles of influential tattoo artists and their distinctive designs, including Sailor Jerry Collins, Don Ed Hardy “the Godfather of Tattoos”, Mike “Rollo Banks” Malone, Bert Grimm, Japan’s Horiyoshi III, and Shanghai’s Pinky Yun.

42. Tattoo Sketchbook

This sketchbook is a great gift for the tattoo artist in your life. Use it to draw inspiration or record your ideas before you go in and ink that person! The pages are blank graph paper, so you can focus on the design instead of worrying about where to put lines on a page.

43. Cool Tattoo Designs Sketchbook

This awesome sketchbook is a great gift for the tattoo artist. It includes a template to keep track of each design, details, palette and placement. Every left page of the book is blank for more sketching.

44. Skull Pen Holder

This 5.75″x4″ pen holder is made from real, recycled wood! It’s hand-finished with an antique bronze patina and vintage skull etchings. The perfect desk accessory for the spiritual man in your life!

45. Baby Daddy Tattoos

Dad loves his daughter and he’s proud to show off her little one’s. This My Daughter’s Bodysuit is a great gift for new parents. It makes the perfect baby shower gift as well!

46. Dragonhawk Tattoo Kit

Made of superior composite material, the spring is high-elastic and anti-fatigue for long-time working. The tattoo machine’s coils are made of cast iron, which can give an artisan feel to your work. Comes with 2 tattoo machines, needles, ink cartridges (4 colors), power cord and carrying case.

47. Maud Wagner Portrait

This print is a great tribute to the iconic work of artist Maud Wagner. The print features an unflipped profile shot of Maud peering off into the distance, looking quite regal and badass! If you’re looking for unique art that perfectly sums up your life right now then this portrait is the print for you!

48. Vintage Tattoo Flash

Electric tattooing as we know it today was invented in New York City at the turn of the 19th century. In the first days of American tattooing, tattoos were primarily worn by sailors and soldiers, outlaws and outsiders. The visual language of what came to be known as traditional tattooing was developed in those early days on the Bowery and catered to the interests of the clientele. Common imagery that soon became canon included sailing ships, women, hearts, roses, daggers, eagles, dragons, wolves, panthers and skulls.