55 Gifts For The Office Fans

1. Stroller Fan

What a fun baby gift to give a new mom that is always on the go! This stroller fan will allow them to cool off when they are out and about. The fan has multiple forms, which allows for versatility in where you can hang it.

2. USB Mini Hand Fan

Small and handy, this mini fan is a great way to stay cool on the go. It’s small enough to tuck into a purse or bag, making it perfect for travel. The airflow is adjustable, and it comes with 7 brightly colored LEDs that you can control with the remote control.

3. HXHY tope portable table fan

This thing is so dang cool! It’s a personal fan, air circulator, and night light all-in-one. This little number will keep you cool on those hot summer days or nights when you can’t be in a sleeping bag under the stars (sorry…not sorry) A rubberized base keeps it from sliding around on your nightstand, and three different speed settings let you choose just how quiet or how loud you want your fan to be.

4. It’s Your Birthday Coffee Mug

If you’re looking for a gift that says “I love you, and I know it’s your birthday!” this mug is the perfect gift. The ceramic mug holds 14 ounces of your favorite beverage and comes in a beautiful gift box.

5. Star Wars Millenium Falcon 3D Night Light

Everyone including STAR WARS FANS loves to have the UbiKORT 3D Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp! The lamp is a GREAT BIRTHDAY GIFT item for men, women, boys, girls, kids and star wars baby fans of all ages.

6. Word Clock

This clock is a conversation piece. People will ask you, “What does that say?” and then they will want to touch it. It makes an ideal gift for someone who is into home decor or minimalism.

7. Portable Handheld Fan

How does she keep cool in summer? This lady-powered fan uses her hand to create a gentle breeze that helps to reduce heat stress and the urge to sticky fingers. The 3 modes of this rechargeable mini handheld fan are adjustable according to personal needs, it’s powerful yet quiet enough for any indoor or outdoor occasion.

8. White Noise Machine

White noise machines are a safe and effective way to help babies sleep. They use nature’s noises to create a sound machine that helps people of all ages with insomnia, general light sleepers, and heavy sleepers.

9. Dwight Schrute False T-Shirt

A man must have a soft spot for the office at Dunder Mifflin. This classic black faux t-shirt features a sweet message on the front: “I like you, but I’ve got a weird affection for that paper plant over there.” Grab this shirt and rep your loyalty to Michael Scott, Corporate Vice President of Operations!

10. Neck Fan

The best gift is one that gets used! This pretty fan can be worn in multiple ways. It can be a shawl, headwear, or a portable fan for those hot days at the races. The device has three different speed settings and an aromatherapy function to help you get your bearings when feeling faint from heat exposure.

11. Personalized Star Map

Anniversary gifts for couples should be special, whether it’s your 1st Christmas together or your 10th anniversary. This personalized star map print makes a great gift to celebrate the happy occasion! The poster measures 18 x 12 inches and is printed with high-quality inks that are fade resistant. You can add names of the anniversary year to make this an even more meaningful gift.

12. Chili Cheese Fries

“I don’t normally like sweets, but these are pretty good. My daughter made them for me and I couldn’t wait to try them. They reminded me of those cheesey fried snacks you get at baseball games. The sauce is actually a ketchup-mayo sauce that sets up when it hits the hot oil. She put some on her finger, stirred it into the batter, then licked her finger clean to test it before cooking in the deep fryer. It was gross, but also kind of fun! We didn’t taste the end product because we were both so focused on not getting grease on our tongues! Ha ha! There are definitely some interesting flavors going on and they aren’t skimping out on flavor with all that set-up sauce! Some of my favorite fries have been out-of-this world [chili] flavored. Give them a shot…you might be surprised by how much you like ‘em!

13. The Office Stickers

“I heart Open Mic Night!” “Dunder Mifflin, my office is your office.” These funny laptop stickers are perfect for fans of the popular TV series The Office. Decorate your laptop, water bottle, or just about anywhere with these hilarious stickers.

14. The Office Coffee Mug

The Schrute Farms travel coffee mug is the perfect gift for fans of The Office who love their coffee. It’s made out of high-quality ceramic and can be used at school, the gym, or work to keep them caffeinated throughout the day.

15. That’s What She Said Wine Glass

A wine glass that says, “That’s what she said.” This stemless wine glass holds 15 ounces and is perfect for those who love to drink coffee or wine while spoiling the heck out of their man.

16. The Office Figurine Set

Bring the shenanigans of the Dunder Mifflin paper company to your home with this Little People Collector’s The Office figure set! This set features four figures styled to look just like characters from the hit American TV series, The Office, including Michael Scott, Dwight Schrute, Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert.

17. USB Desk Fan

This mini desk fan is one of the coolest gadgets for summer. It’s small, powerful, and makes very little noise. Also, it has three settings so you can choose how much air you want to cool your room.

18. Personal Fan

This fan is a great way to keep cool anywhere, even while working or exercising. It’s small enough to tuck away but will provide plenty of cooling air for hours. If you like to be able to wear it everywhere this is one of the best fans you can buy!

19. Classic Vornado Fan

If you’re looking to add a little fan that moves air to your home, then this is one of the best you can buy. It looks good, it’s built well, and it’ll be around for years thanks to its durable metal construction.

20. The Office Sticker Pack

If you’re looking for a way to give thanks this Thanksgiving, then consider giving the gift of laughter with this sticker pack. It includes stickers of all the main characters from “The Office,” as well as some fan-favorites like Pam and Creed!

21. Dress Socks

These funny socks make a great gift for that person in your life who loves puns and/or Michael Scott from The Office. Be the talk of the party with these awesome dressy-casual novelty socks!

22. Cooling Fan

This is a great gift for the minimalist who wants to be cool and comfortable. It’s an oscillating tower fan, so it moves the hot air around while you sit in a cold zone. The remote control has two settings, high and low, and it’s ultra-quiet when on low.

23. The Office Socks

If you’ve ever wished that you worked at the best paper company in the world, then these officially licensed Dunder Mifflin crew socks are for you. These socks feature the iconic logo from the show and are available in several color options so you can represent your favorite company however they want to be represented.

24. USB Clock Fan

This is no ordinary desk fan! This is a cool breeze that will keep you cool while you’re doing your homework or studying late at night. The fan uses a quiet electric motor to gently blow air around, and there are soft blades on the neck of the fan for extra protection.

25. Portable Neck Fan

This is a great gift for the minimalist who loves to be outside. The fan doesn’t require any type of battery or power source and it stays cool even after running for several minutes.

26. Table Fan

This cool mist humidifier and fan will help you stay cool this summer. The humidifier diffuser adds moisture to the air while the powerful fan pushes it around making you feel like a breeze is blowing right at you. At 16.8 million colors, the lighting effects on this fan are stunning! This amazing desk accessory comes with 2 AC power outlets so you never have to run out to get that last-minute charge for your phone or tablet.

27. You Are The Pam to Jim Keychain Necklace

This thoughtful gift could be a bottle of wine, toiletries, chocolates or even flowers but the enclosed card explains that it’s an anniversary gift in secret. If they don’t already have a necklace with ‘you are the pam to my jim’ on it then this one will fit right in!

28. Dwight Schrute T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of The Office then this officially licensed t-shirt is an easy way to show your pride. It comes in a men’s and women’s fit, multiple sizes, and colors.

29. The Office Socks

If you’re a die-hard fan of the TV show The Office, then these socks are a must-have for your clothing collection. They feature five different designs inspired by the hit show making these ankle socks instant collector’s items. You can treat your feet to some comfort with the arch compression and heel support.

30. Hamilton Wall Art

This is a beautiful handmade item that measures 8×10 inches. It is entirely handcrafted from real wood, painted black to match your typical home office decor and has the personal message “To My Wife – You Are Loved” written on it in gold paint.

31. Wedding Day Gift

A gift keychain is a great 5th-anniversary gift for him. It’s made of stainless steel and has a shiny surface to make it look nice on his keyring. The keychain says, “My heart only beets for you.” This fun message will remind him that your love is forever.

32. Leather Utility Oxford

The all-leather Skechers utility oxford is the perfect work boot for someone who values comfort and durability. The leather-lined interior, rubber tire outsole, and pull tab at the tongue make these boots easy to get into and help them stand up to some abuse. They’re also available in men’s sizes from 4-13!

33. Dunder Mifflin Throw Pillow

If you’re a fan of The Office and have ever dreamed of owning a throw pillow from the show, then this is the gift for you. This 18 x 18 inch throw pillow cover is made out of linen and has an embroidered logo. It’s official The Office merchandise!

34. Beets and Battlestar Galactica Mug

Coffee, tea, hot chocolate… whatever you drink, this 11oz beets and battlestar galactica mug makes a great gift! It’s dishwasher and microwave safe so you can enjoy your beverage in peace.

35. If You Can Read This…Socks

These hilarious novelty socks say it all – if you can read this, bring me some! These are perfect as a gift for that special someone who likes to have a little fun Christmas gift ideas. Made from high-quality cotton, these socks will not lose their shape and the cute message will never wear off.

36. Dwight Schrute Throw Pillow

This throw pillowcase is a fun way to bring some cheer to your home decor. It’s made of a durable linen cotton cloth material and has a zipper closure so it can be thrown in the washer if it gets dirty from spilled drinks or food. If you’re seeking original Christmas gifts for housewarmings, this cushion cover is an ideal gift!

37. The Office Teapot

This teapot is a fun and functional gift that will get used all the time. Made of stainless steel, it holds 15 cups of your favorite tea for two people (or 5 gallons if you want to share!), has an infuser holder, and comes with a lid that locks into place so no tea is ever lost to spillage.

38. Portable Fan

This fan can go with you to the lake or the campsite and is much more useful than a hand fan. It has 7 different speed settings, it’s waterproof, and it even comes with a remote control! If you love having your own little breeze wherever you are this is the fan for you.

39. Disney Keychain

This 3D pewter key chain features Tinker Bell on the front and a zipper closure for added security. It’s the perfect key chain to accessorize your car, backpack, or room!

40. 2019 Dilbert Calendar

There is nothing more that any good manager needs than a calendar showing the day-to-day activities of their employees. In this hilarious year-round calendar, each one gives you a comic strip from the dailies’s funny cartoonist, Dilbert.

41. Magic Reversible Throw Pillow

This magical pillowcase will turn the pillows in to a magical reversible cover that makes it look like you are wearing a dress. The front of the case is black suede and the back is white satin, just like a wedding gown. This gag gift would be perfect for a 30th anniversary gift or as part of your bachelorette party supplies.

42. Wine Tumbler

This tumbler is a fun gift for the wine-loving “ Schrute” in your life! It holds 16oz of water, hot coffee, or tea and comes in several colors to suit his style.

43. Michael Scott 18×24″ Wall Poster

If you’re a fan of The Office then this is the poster for you! It features Michael Scott, the Regional Manager from Hell, giving you motivation and inspiration to be great. If you’ve ever had a difficult customer or co-worker then this will help change your day! Hopefully it changes yours as well and you become one of the most productive members of the team!

44. Michael Scott Pop! Vinyl Figure

From The Office, it’s Michael Scott as a stylized Funko Pop! Keychain. Poised in his signature business attire and holding his coffee mug, Michael Scott is ready to be attached to any bag, purse, or backpack. This keychain is approximately 3 inches long, including the hook. Check out all The Office figures from Funko!

45. Dundie Awards Trophy

Do you have an awards ceremony in your office? This dundie awards trophy makes the perfect gift! It’s a 7″ tall engraved acrylic award that comes in a wooden presentation case which has enough room to fit all your recipients’ names.

46. Yankee Candle

This 22 Oz. jar candle is the perfect size for a romantic night or a weekend away together! The scented candle provides a pleasant aroma to dinner parties, lazy Saturdays, and a season’s worth of little moments. Made in the USA with premium-grade paraffin wax and quality ingredients from around the world, each wick is hand-straightened by experts to ensure maximum burn time and an even fragrance throw.

47. Star Wars Socks

These are a fun Star Wars gift for the fan of space and/or astronomy. The sock design incorporates various elements from the movie series, including Stormtroopers, Yoda, Death Stars, and more!

48. To My Husband

This is a cute and subtle way to tell your husband you’d like to have sex tonight. The plate will remind him of how delightful you are every time he eats!

49. Portable Hand Fan

This mini fan is around the size of your hand and can provide up to 5 hours of cooling airflow while operating on just 2 AA batteries. It has 3 speed settings, a built-in stand, and is rechargeable. This is one of the best gifts for women because she will have this even when she’s at the campsite or at work.

50. Large-Print Wonder Woman Bag

Take your love of all things DC Comics and Wonder Woman with you on the go with this large-print Wonder Woman tote bag! The Womens Wonderwoman Tote Bag is a red, white, and blue faux leather bag featuring the stars and Wonderwoman symbol scattered across the bag for a fun, bold print. The contrasting red handles of the Superheroine Fan Accessory are decorated with a gold metallic tassel and a golden metallic charm showing her symbols. This super girl needs her own super tote bag!

51. Prison Mike Beer Glass

The perfect gift for a beer-loving Michael Scott fan. This beer glass is the perfect way to quaff a pint in style and comfort. With its fun design, this quirky drinking vessel will make any office party or tailgate even more enjoyable!

52. Portable Desk Fan

This cute little green stuffed frog is a great desk accessory. Not only is it a cute addition to your work space but it also has practical uses. The soft plush material makes for an extra-cushy base, allowing you to sit or lay the fan down on its side for added airflow.

53. Wayne Gretzky Poster

This Michael Scott motivational poster makes the perfect gift for that Michael Scott fan in your life! When Michael Scott quotes himself quoting Wayne Gretzky, you know it’s the real deal.

54. Teens Love Office Supplies

If she loves her accessories, then this cotton tote bag from The Office is a fun gift. Ideal as a beach bag, picnic basket or bookbag, it has all the functionality of a traditional handbag with the added bonus of being easy on the eye!

55. Office Gift Bag

What a great gift on any occasion(e.g. birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, retirement, housewarming)! NOTE:Please keep away from fire.If you have any questions please feel free to contact us with any questions. Cotton lining. Grab your friends and family today and go shopping!