49 Gifts For Welders

1. Magnetic Tool Holder

Carpenter’s belt is embedded with 15 super-strong magnets to have a large area to store and hold screws, nails, drills, bolts, and tool carpenter. Also with 2 different size pockets for non-metallic items.

2. Leather Dress Belt

This dress belt is made of full-grain leather and has a matte finish. It can be customized with up to three initials, 1st initial only, last name only, or both.

3. Kevlar Sleeves

These are fantastic looking arm sleeves. They have a cut out on the inside of the sleeve to help with mobility, plus there is a protective thumb hole so that you can’t pinch your fingers when removing them. These look and feel great!

4. Leather Belt

Every man needs a quality leather belt to accompany him through all of life’s adventure. This full-grain Italian leather belt is made of the highest quality materials and will last for years to come. It can be worn with jeans or a suit and works as an excellent modern day equivalent to keeping your clothes on while partying in the 80’s!

5. Knitted Sleeve Gloves

These are the coolest gloves you’ll ever wear. They function as an insulating layer between your hand and the cold metal of a bike, but they also serve as an elegant look-at factor for anyone in earshot. Due to their unique construction, these things are bulletproof! They’re made from wool so dress them up or down, know that no one else has them.

6. Welder Nutritional Facts Label

If the welder in your life is a caffeine lover, then this coffee mug gift may be just what they’ve been looking for. Show them how much you appreciate their skill by gifting them this funny and cute welder nutritional facts label! If the birthday boy or girl is more of a tea person, then give them a cup with their own custom label.

7. Necktie

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and whether you’re shopping for the dad of one guy or several dads, a necktie will fit the bill. This tie features a beautiful design of paisley that any self-proclaimed welder would be proud to wear.

8. Step Edge Band

These bands are made from 100% food-grade silicone. They have a matte finish, which makes them perfect for wearing with any jewelry. The step edge design features a rubber liner that reduces the risk of injury and aids in maintaining a proper fit.

9. Welder Knife

These badass welding knives are the perfect gift for that dad who is an awesome welder and needs a cool tool to go with it. These folding survival knives feature a ceramic rod striker that locks into place via gravity using the natural force of inertia, making it virtually impossible for the blade to open accidentally.

10. Welder Sticker

They’re not just for looks. These vinyl stickers are a great addition to your collection of tools and make for great gifts for that metalhead dad in your life! Make him feel like a real badass with these must-have welder hoodies!

11. Personalized Metal Welder Sign

A personalized metal welder’s sign makes a great gift for any welding-related event, like gifts for welders, gifts for dads, or a unique 60th birthday present. This laser cut piece of art is made from 18 gauge steel and then coated in an elegant black powder coating to make it look beautiful hanging on your garage wall or in the shop.

12. Welder Helmet Decals

These high-quality vinyl stickers are perfect for adding a little humor to your work environment! Whether you’re on the job site or just displaying your welding pride, these stickers make a great gift and will last a lifetime.

13. Neck Gator

Elevate the experience of outdoor winter activities with this Benchmark FR flame resistant face mask and neck gator. Made from 5.2 oz Modacrylic, cotton, and nylon knit, these neck gators meet NFPA 70E standards for fire-resistant clothing and protect against harmful skin reactions caused by heat or flame. The asymmetrical design allows them to fit over glasses.

14. Hot Start Welder

Self-proclaimed welder and lifeguard, Forrest Edwards, developed the Hot Start invention to make welding safer. The idea is that a hot surface empowers the electrode to quickly reach full penetration in hard metals. To help prevent burns, you hold the welder an inch or two away from your body while welding. This self-defense tool fits easily into a purse or backpack and can be used anywhere there’s access to electricity!

15. Stretch Bandanna

They are not your average bandana, they are far superior! Made out of ultra-lightweight, 4 way stretch fabric that wicks away moisture and doesn’t restrict movement. They come with hard hat stickers to affix it to your safety helmet for extra protection while wearing it around your neck.

16. All-Natural Dehumidifier

205 Pcs Hard Hat Stickers! Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be happy while others are always grumpy? If so, then this 205 pieces of hard hat stickers is the right gift for you. You can paste them on your tool box, helmet, car or anywhere else that needs a little pick me up.

17. Cool Welder Sticker

These cool welder helmet stickers make a great gift for that welding enthusiast in your life! This package contains fifty 2×3 inch vinyl stickers, each depicting a different welder.

18. Dickies Men’s Crew Socks

These socks are great for working in the yard or any sports that get you sweaty. They have moisture-wicking fibers to keep your feet dry, and they come in a pack of six so you can change out of wet socks and into fresh ones without interrupting your work.

19. Amigo Belt

This dress belt is made of 100% genuine leather and has a matte finish with an edge stitching. The size can be custom engraved on the back. This is a great gift for the man who likes to dress well!

20. Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Pack of 1. One size fits most. 100% Cotton; Multipack (G2400) Solid colors: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Heather Grey: 90% Cotton, 10% PolyesterSolid color sleeve lengths are 52 inches and above, and solids have a non-fading lifetime guarantee against shrinking or fading. If the tshirt shrinks in the dryer it is not covered by the warranty. The ultra cotton gildan t shirt has a tagless neck label to let your skin breathe easy and stay cool. To go beyond basic fitness level with style you’ve got to wear this Gildan long sleeve techfit tee from garyknotz that will keep you warm on those chilly days when all others fail!

21. Welder Hoodie

You can’t go wrong with a classic black hoodie. This welder hoodie is made of high-quality, thick cotton and available in several sizes.

22. Welder Sticker Pack

A must-have for any future self-proclaimed “welder”. 52 stickers to mark the special occasion of your birth. The best gift for 13 year old boys that like to play with their dad’s tools or pretend they are a real welder!

23. WOD Welder Hand Care Balm

No self-proclaimed “barbarian” should be without a tube of this stuff. Great for rips and tears in gloves, it instantly soothes the raw flesh with all-natural ingredients. The best gift you can give a gym rat or fitness enthusiast.

24. Welder Wall Clock

A vintage record player makes for an excellent timepiece, and this one is no exception! The clock is made from a 12-inch vinyl record. It’s battery operated, so there’s no need to plug it in.

25. Welder

It is hot in the daily work of the welder. Before he starts with the new table, he study exactly the individual steps again. Then he puts on the welding mask and gets to work. Playmobil Special Plus figures are an ideal gift for any 4th-year or future 5th-year graduate who may need a job!

26. Magnetic Wristband “This magnetic wristband is a great way to keep small items like screws, washers and nuts organized. The strong neodymium magnets hold tight so your accessoires don’t fall out while you’re working on your car or bike. Also great for keeping track of earrings, bracelets, tools and more! Great as a stocking stuffer or birthday gifts! ” -Amazon Review

Magnetic Wristband Whether he works at home fixing things around the house or loves taking his bike out for a spin, this magnetic accessory organizer is sure to be a big hit. Keep all those tiny parts in one place with these powerful neodymium magnets— no need to hunt down that Allen wrench again!

27. Leather Forge Gloves

This pair of leather heat-resistant gloves is perfect for handling hot objects. Use them in the forge, in a woodshop, or at the kitchen stove. The high-quality kevlar insulation and poly/cotton blend make these oven mitts washable and drier than cotton gloves.

28. Toy Welder

This is a very cute toy welder figure that comes with accessories that you might actually want to use. It’s not just adisplay piece so he can be displayed with your other Minifigures Series 11 LEGO toys.

29. Baseball Hat

A cute baseball cap with a funny message, great for him to wear while at the ball park or just around town. 100% Cotton. Made in USA and Imported.

30. Welder T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt is sure to be a hit with that welding enthusiast in your life. The shirt is 100% cotton and made in the USA.

31. American Welder Socks

These unisex socks are made from soft, long-lasting combed cotton and are the perfect gift for that welder in your life. They make a great birthday present, Christmas gift, or just an everyday stocking stuffer.

32. Welder Coffee Mug

Everyone knows that coffee is the best gift for a welder, but not everyone has great art they can give a welder. This mug will solve both of those problems. Your favorite welder will love drinking his or her coffee from this unique and funny mug.

33. Leather Apron

The leather apron is not only beautiful but also practical. The leather will soften after 2-3 washes, and it helps the body retain moisture. It provides good protection from heat and sparks. Also, it can be worn as a dress or casual apron.

34. Unscrew Any Bolt Power Tool

This insanely cool gift can help him fix anything. With 13 different functions, it has everything from a Phillips screwdriver to a tire pump. If his friends are jealous of this power tool, then you better believe he’ll be busy setting their hearts ablaze with sparks flying out of the end!

35. Welder

This is a complete package of a Tig welder with water-cooled cables and other accessories. It’s perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to learn how to weld without the hassle of finding an expensive welder. This comes all in one neat case, so you can keep it safe and sound in your garage or workshop.

36. Amigo Belt

A good pair of dress boots can really take a outfit up a notch. This leather belt is from Perry Ellis’s collection and comes in black or brown iterations. Made from leather that has been burnished to a shine, the buckle is stainless steel and there is only one fastener, making it easy to get on and off.

37. Keep your dk beater hands off my tools hard hat

A cute tool sticker to remind all of the guys in the garage to keep their hands off the tools! This 2” round stickers reads, “Warning. Keep Your Dk Beaters. Hands Off My Tools Hard Hat. Helmet Sticker Welding, Label Motorcycle Decal.”

38. Premium Flame Resistant Jacket

This jacket is made from ASTM D6413 compliant 9 oz. FR black cotton which prevents and extinguishes fire / flames. This fabric also has an anti-mildew and anti-static coating for added longevity and protection. It comes in several sizes to fit your body type, color selection, and budget.

39. Duffle Bag

The durable water-resistant material makes this a great travel duffel bag. The large main compartment is perfect for carrying tools, cords, equipment, work boots or a change of clothes; the side pockets are ideal for storing and organizing smaller items.

40. Metal Marker

An all-purpose marker that will mark any surface – oil, rough, smooth, wet, dry, icy and rusty. Makes long-lasting crisp lines or bold marks. Highly visible in darkness illuminate when cutting or welding.

41. TIG Welding Finger Feeder

The perfect gift for any TIG welder trying to master the art of the finger shuffle or experienced TIG welders wanting to give their fingers a rest. This feeder will greatly improve your efficiency and free up your hand so you can hold the rod steady with both hands while feeding out wire. The small, light-weight body allows for easy movement and is comfortable in the hand even after hours of use. An innovative solution to speed up that next tack weld!

42. Welder’s Torch Belt

This is a really charming gift for those guys who love their gear. It’s a beautiful pewter belt buckle with the words “Welder’s Torches are Burning Brightly, Keep an Eye on Your Heating Oven at All Times. If You Can Hold A Heat Gun, You Arequalified to Be Called A Welder!” and your favorite funny saying.

43. Full-Grain Leather Belt

This classic street-worthy belt by Timberland is designed for all-season wear and fits your lifestyle no matter who you are or how you wear it. The men’s belt is made of genuine full-grain leather that is smooth to the touch and has rich color to it.

44. Only The Strong Become Welders

This print is fun for a guy who loves to weld or just has some funky wall art! It’s an unframed 8×10-inch print on Fuji crystal archive paper in an appropriately sized frame. All you need to do is put it in the frame and hang it up.

45. Welder Apron

This bamboo cutting board makes a great stocking stuffer for Christmas!

46. Leather Belt

This Dickies belt is made of leather and has a double prong buckle. It’s an affordable, practical gift that will serve him well for years to come.

47. LED Watch

This watch is a must for any gun enthusiast. It’s made of durable zinc alloy and has an upgraded buckle that won’t break like the cheap nylon belts do.

48. Big and Tall Relaxed Fit Comfort Flex Jeans

The “relaxed” in these jeans’ name isn’t a typo; it actually means “longer waist.” The waist is looser than usual, which makes these pants easier to move in. The best thing about them? A large scale appeal for both genders!

49. Stainless Steel Welder Mask

He can wear this mask and impress all his friends. His girlfriend will definitely approve because it’s cool, unique, and exudes confidence. Also, it comes with a detachable chain so you can wear it as an necklace or throw it in your gear bag.