50 Gifts For Woodworkers

1. Contour Gauge Profile Tool

This is such a handy tool for woodworkers, modelers, and just DIY people in general. It’s so much better than a ruler because it has an actual depth gauge and you can measure complex angles. The contour gauge comes with five extra pins so you can make your own template before measuring the original object.

2. Contour Gauge

Help him create the perfect corners for tile or other grout-applicable angles! The VARSK 2-pack Widen Shape Duplicator Profile Tool is made of durable plastic with a metal locking mechanism. Easily measure and transfer any shape you like.

3. Smartphone Controlled Garden Lights

These days, it’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have some kind of lighting. It is even more remarkable to see outdoor lights controlled from inside via an app. These smart lights will turn on or off as you enter your connected home, allowing you to set the mood and ambiance for each room.

4. Magnetic Pickup Tool Kit

This 5-piece magnetic pickup tool kit is an excellent gift for that man who loves to tinker or just be away from home with nothing but his tools and a phone in case of emergency. Whether he’s a DIY guy, working on the car, or spending more time at home, having these tools with him would make any job easier and safer.

5. Heavy-Duty Work Apron

Sometimes being a dad means looking like a superhero. Keep your child’s fingers safe with this baby fingerless glove that doubles as an adorable workwear. This apron is made of waxed canvas, making it stain and soil resistant while offering premium softness and durability—the type of cloth you want to wear for years, not just for Father’s Day.

6. Wood Working Apron

A woodworking apron is definitely a must-have if you’re serious about your craft! This canvas bib apron has 21 pockets to carry all of your tools and supplies. It’s also available in several colors for men and women.

7. Jewelry Box

A honeycomb gift box is the perfect way to present your gift in a unique and beautiful package. Also, this comes with a lovely card that says “To my friend who has all the tools”. This makes an awesome Father’s Day gift!

8. Magnetic Wristband

A practical gift for a man who likes to tinker around the house. This tool belt holds up to 15 magnets, which can be used to hold screws, nails, or other small tools. The perfect husband gift idea that he’ll actually use!

9. Magnetic Knife Holder

This magnetic knife holder is perfect for your husband who loves cooking. Keep the knives side by side and accessible while in the kitchen or bathroom mounted on a wall. This tool keeps the blades organized, accessible, and out of harm’s way.

10. Smokers Tool Bag

If your dad loves woodworking, DIY, or just being prepared he needs this tool bag. In case of plumbing issues at the last minute, he’ll be ready to go. The Contour Gauge is a must-have for any guy that works on cars or builds furniture.

11. Contour Gauge

If you’re a DIY-er or love to remodel your home, then this contour gauge is one of the best gift ideas on our list. The tool lets you Duplicate all kinds of shapes and even save them as templates for later use! Even better, it has an adjustable light which makes working in dark places much easier.

12. This Is Not A Drill Carabiner

The carpentry-themed keychain “THIS IS NOT A DRILL” with hammer charm is a great gift for any carpenter, handyman, or DIY enthusiast.

13. Magnetic Wristband

These magnetic wristbands are perfect for holding screws, nails, bolts, washers, and more while you’re hanging pictures or doing DIY repairs around the house. The bands come in multiple colors so that you can leave one by the screwdriver for easy access and quick storage.

14. Carrying Case

This is a unique and thoughtful birthday gift for the woodworker in your life. This work-shop apron is made of waxed canvas, fully adjustable, and machine washable which any DIY’er will appreciate!

15. Multitool

Camping doesn’t have to be limited to the great outdoors. Bring a little civilization with you in the woods with this 14-in-1 multitool from RoverTac. The axe head doubles as a prying tool, and it has four different saws (2 standard ones and two micro ones). It also has pliers, scissors, wire cutters, screwdrivers, a keychain hole punch, can opener, and more! This is one of my favorite gifts for any prepper or camper because it gives them so many tools in one compact package that they would otherwise need multiple pieces of equipment to carry.

16. Waxed Canvas Apron

A good pair of waxed canvas gloves will help keep your hands warm while you work and these are no exception! The apron has 9 pockets for a tool belt, is made of waxed canvas, and measures 36″ long.

17. 12-in-1 Multi Tool

“I didn’t realize how much I would use all those tools, but now that I have this multi-tool in my pocket, I don’t know what I would do without it! It has so many useful things like a bottle opener and a saw. And the best part – it only weighs 2 ounces! If you are going away for any length of time and plan on being outside mostly, this is one of the most indispensable items to pack. You will wonder how you lived without it.” – Matt M., 30 Year Old Man The RAK Hammer Multi-Tool is available in several colors and makes an outstanding gift for the DIY guy or gal in your life!

18. Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband holds screws, nails, bolts, hammers, and other small objects. The band is made of a durable nylon material and has fifteen magnets embedded in it that hold onto most anything metal.

19. Funny Socks

These funny novelty socks are perfect as a stocking stuffer for that guy in your life who likes to have fun! They come in several different colors and can be printed with names, sayings, or just an ampersand.

20. Wood Apron

A comfortable and durable work apron that doubles as a hoodie when you’re done for the day. The full coverage baker apron is 27″ wide by 34″ tall and made with waxed canvas, so it’s water-resistant but not waterproof. It has two front pockets and one large pocket on each side, making it easy to reach those hard-to-get places!

21. Clamp Set

If you’re a woodworker who works on projects that require mortising and tenons, then you know the hassle of always having to have the right size chisel or plane. That’s why this 90-degree corner clamp is so great! It has an adjustable depth stop that keeps your workpiece held firmly in place while you score it accurately with a saw horse.

22. Magnetic Wristband

These magnetic wristbands can hold screws, nails, screwdriver bits, drill bits, and more! They make a great gift for that DIY-er in your life. Also perfect as a woodworking tool accessory.

23. Magnetic Wristband

This tool wristband ensures that your nails, screws, and tools are always within reach. This magnetic multitool is made of durable polyester with nickel-plated brass hardware. It comes in seven colors so you can easily find the correct one for your outfit!

24. Digital Tape Measure

A tape measure is a useful tool, but who has the time to fuss with one of those when you could use your phone? The digital tape measure eTape16 is here to make an impact on a product that has not changed for over 100 years. With the eTape16, measuring is made more simple, reliable and accurate. You will be amazed in the many ways you will utilize this new amazing technology that was never possible with an ordinary tape measure.

25. Contour Gauge Tool

If you’re looking to save money on a saw that will last years instead of spending it on a tool that will be replaced in 6 months, this contour gauge is for you. It makes measuring tricky scenarios like crown molding or baseboards easy, even for beginners. The gauge locks into place instantly and can be adjusted easily to create the perfect fit every time.

26. Key Chain

A great keychain for a carpenter or someone who loves to hang around handymen.

27. Work Gloves

These are the safest gardening gloves you will ever wear. They have a cut resistance level 5 HPPE liner that is four times stronger than leather!

28. Tool Pen

This multitool pen is the perfect gift for that power user in your life who always seems to have a screwdriver, level, and ruler handy. The tool features a built-in level, two sizes of flathead screwsdrivers, two saw blades (one large one small), a bottle opener, a plumber’s wrench, an electrical tester (voltage and continuity), a fishing line cutter/braided wire splitter, a candle snuffer holder. It’s just about the most versatile writing instrument you can get!

29. Table Saws

Do you use a table saw? I hope so, because if not, get one! These are great to have around the shop in case of an emergency. You could theoretically cut anything with a table saw (except for metal), so they’re useful for cutting all kinds of things like pipes, boards, and even firewood.

30. Multi-Tool Pen

Multi-Tool This multitool pen will help you do practically anything around the house. It has a spirit level, a ruler, a ballpoint pen (0.7mm black ink), a touch screen stylus, and flathead and phillips screwdrivers. The kit comes with all the necessary tools required to fix almost anything!

31. Tools Gift Set

If your husband is a DIY-er you will love this gift set. It includes various sockets, wrenches, and screwdrivers so he can tackle any job around the house. This tool gift set makes an excellent birthday gift or holiday season stocking stuffer for that husband of yours who loves to spend time “fixing things” in the house!

32. I Can’t Fix Stupid But I Can Fix What Stupids Does Keychain

A keychain is a convenient, inexpensive way to give a gift. This keychain says “I can’t fix stupid, but I can fix what stupid does.” The perfect gift for the man who has everything!

33. Easy Steps of Woodworking T-Shirt

This funny t-shirt makes a great Christmas gift for that husband of yours who loves woodworking. It shows the ten easy steps to becoming a homeowner and finishing your first project – a nice sharpening axe, a beautiful cutting board, and an impressive coffee table with some end tables.

34. Man Glitter Sock

Made in the USA and imported from Japan, these socks are among the most colorful and unique around. Featuring a “sawdust” pattern inspired by woodworking dust, they make a great gift for that husband of yours who is into crafting!

35. Strong Magnet Wristband

Strong, flexible magnet embedded in the wristband works to hold screws, nails, and other small metal objects. It can also be used as a fridge magnet or on any ferrous (metallic) surface for super convenient access to your phone. The material is rugged enough to withstand wear and tear but still soft enough that it won’t damage fragile items inside your pocket.

36. Customized Work Apron

Keep him safe and clean while he works with this work-friendly custom waxed canvas apron from Old Man Boxes. Made of extra-wide 4 mil+ waxed canvas, the adjustable straps and waist belt let him wear it how he needs to fit it, and his choice of pockets lets him carry what he wants to keep close at hand.

37. Can-Do Clamp

I’ve seen photos of other people using these and they look like such a useful tool. I could see these being really helpful for someone mounting art in a child’s room or for installing harder to reach shelves. The clamp has versatile jaws that will securely hold most shapes and sizes.

38. 2-Pc. Multi-Tool Pen Set

A multi-tool pen is a great gadget for camping, hiking, hunting, and just being prepared for any situation. This two-piece multi-tool measures 8 inches when closed and has functions such as a ruler, level, bottle opener, screwdriver head with Phillips and flathead tips (sixteen different types of screws!), plus an LED light on the side. The ends are also serrated so it can be used to pry open stubborn lids.

39. Magnetic Pickup Tool

Inkwell is a Chicago-based gift company that creates unique experiences for the people we love. Our selection of dad gifts includes grooming kits, tech gadgets, and more to help him become the best version of himself.

40. LED Hand Warmer

A practical gift to keep your hands warm while you work, fish, or do DIY. These glove are a great stocking stuffer idea for men that will be appreciated by anyone who has to use hand tools in the cold.

41. Tea in a Tin Mug

If you’re looking for a unique gift for a woodworker, this wooden tea caddy is the perfect gift! Hold up to twelve 4 oz. cups of your favorite beverages, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and soup.

42. Clamping Sawshorse

Instantly create a workbench that can hold up to 1,000 pounds. The sawhorses have integrated bar clamps and can support almost anything in both vertical and horizontal positions. Go from a bench top to a table top quickly with the removable legs!

43. Clamp Set

Jorgensen makes these brilliant bar clamps. They are so easy to use and strong, yet light enough that two people can easily move a heavy item with them. These will be perfect for moving furniture or any other heavy item around the house or yard without causing damage to your hand or wrist because of the ergonomic design.

44. Digital Bevel Gauge and Angle Finder

This digital level and bevel gauge built-in measuring tools lets you do your woodworking projects perfectly. It has a strong magnet that makes it easily attachable to metal surfaces like your table saw or circular saw. This will surely help any beginner carpenter to get the right measurements every time.

45. Saw Dust Keychain

This keychain is both cute and functional! Made of metal, it measures about 2 x 1.5 inches. The saying on the keychain proclaims, “Sawdust Is Man Glitter.” It makes a great gift for that handyman in your life!

46. Safety Kit

The 5-piece safety kit from Fulton is designed to be your essential safety protection while using a table saw, router table, band saw, miter saw and jointer. The sticks have different grip lengths so they can be used for people of different heights.

47. Mustache Apron

This waxed canvas shop apron has 5 main areas of pockets, just as four at the bottom of it, and one up at the chest. One is approximately 6″ x 6″, another 2 are 4″ x 6″ and they all are doubled. This tool apron holds all kinds of stuff and keeps the sawdust off your shirt!

48. DIY Canvas Apron

Does your dad love to work in the garage but hate wearing a robe? Make him more efficient by gifting him this badass waxed canvas apron. Made from 16 oz heavyweight waxed canvas, these aprons are washable and wear like iron!

49. Wood Carving Hook Knife

A carving hook knife specifically for spoon carving, green woodworking, carving bowl, cup, kuksa and similar concave shapes or a rounded edge to add some detail to your wood carving project. This wooden tool helps with accurate placement of edges while carvings and will not dull the blade like metal hook knives can.

50. Work Clothes

Riggs offers durable workwear in a variety of fabrics, cuts, colors, and patterns that can take whatever life throws its way. Whether he needs dress pants for work or jeans for his job as a handyman around the house, Rigg’s has the perfect clothes to suit his style and personality.