46 Minecraft Gifts For Kids

1. 3D Dinosaur Night Light

It’s time to get dinosaur crazy in this little guy’s bedroom! He’ll love sleeping under the prehistoric glow of these 3D LED night lights. There are 7 different colors and 16 different shades, so you can tune them to whatever color scheme works best for his room!

2. Dino Dig Toys

This is a great STEM toy that can be used to teach kids about dinosaurs and how scientists figure out information about them. The kit includes 3 different types of dinosaurs, an electric drill, and a manual screwdriver. It also has 2 splicing methods for the dinosaur’s tails so that they can be displayed correctly no matter which way the child prefers.

3. Robot Kit

STEM toys are great for kids who love building things. This kit has 12 different types of robots that your child can build from beginner to advanced levels. It’s a fun way to get them interested in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering, and math.

4. Remote Control Robot Building Set

This is one of the best gifts to get a 4-year-old boy that loves putting things together. It’s an engineering toy, building toy, and remote control robot all in one. This is a great gift for kids that love playing with their toys instead of watching TV or being on their computers.

5. 3D Puzzle Cube

The mini cube bundle can foster your kid’s sense of space and enhance a child’s memory. Solve it when each side matches. You can challenge the different difficulty level of the cube at one time. Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends. A puzzle toy for all ages that will keep them amused for hours!

6. 3D Illusion Touch Light Bedside Lamp

Here’s a twist on the bedside light with 7 color changes and an awesome illusion technology base. The lamp has its own USB power source so you don’t need to worry about batteries. It plugs into any wall socket, so you can use it with no outlet near by.

7. Minecraft Creeper LED Lamp

This Minecraft creeper lamp is so much better than an old-school lava lamp. This lamp uses a motor with magnets to make the glitter sparkle and spin when it’s on, creating a mesmerizing, scintillating whirlpool effect. With an LED that’ll last as long as their fandom, this lamp shines and shimmers powered by three AA batteries.

8. Lego Minecraft The Redstone Battle

With posable giants, favorite characters, and fun battles, this buildable toy gives Minecraft players an action-packed setting for endless hands-on adventures. Kids create Minecraft action of their own as they take on the giant redstone monster and the redstone golem. Use cool weapons to role play battles and adjust the posable redstone monsters to create ever-changing scenes. There are also lots of fun accessories, such as the loot contained inside a Minecraft piggy bank.

9. Lego Minecraft The Pillager Outpost

This Lego model of the Minecraft pillager outpost is a really fun toy for any kid that loves Legos and Minecraft. You get three sections to build, including a jail cell, the command center, and the jail cell again. Also included are TNT components and figures to play with out-of-game activities like escaping or practicing your aim with the crossbow.

10. Minecraft Light-Up Torch Lamp

One of the best gifts for gamers. This Minecraft lamp will light your way as you creep around in the dark. It’s an authentic design from the game, and it even has a battery pack so you don’t have to worry about running out of juice!

11. Kids’ Digital Watch

KidiZoom is a digital watch for kids that can take pictures, record videos, get GPS location and even send messages. This watch is very kid-friendly and easy to use with lots of cool features. There are 55 different watch faces that your child can choose from as well as different themes for the layout of the screen so it’s not overwhelming or confusing. Also, there are games built in to the device that teach kids how to tell time and find things using their camera.

12. Kids' Birthday Walkie Talkies

With a 2 mile range, these walkie-talkies are perfect for any outdoor adventure the family may embark on. Built-in speakers and an AM/FM radio with LCD screen make this a fun toy as well! Use it as a two-way radio to stay in touch while camping, hiking, hunting, traveling or even just playing at the park. The built-in flashlight is great for night time adventures.

13. Minecraft Child’s Safety Glasses

These glasses block the harmful blue light and are specially designed to help a child focus better while playing video games. They also include a case, so if he loses them, he won’t lose them forever!

14. Minecraft Plush Pillow Buddy

This super cute and cuddly plush pillowcase is 16″ long, 10″ wide, and 3″ tall. It’s made from microfiber polyester which makes it ultra-soft and comfortable to hold. It makes a great gift for that fan of the game who might not yet own a Minecraft plush!

15. Minecraft Bottle

The long-lasting durability of this water bottle means that your family can get outside and have fun no matter where your adventure takes you. The 22 oz capacity makes it a great size for carrying around at the park, on picnic days, or to the play area at preschool. Its screw-off lid doesn’t leak when it’s closed so it can be tossed into a bag for worry-free travel.

16. Lego Ship in a Bottle

This set was created as a tribute to one of the internet’s biggest coffee-making enthusiasts, who happens to be six years old. The instructions are LEGO bricks; you build the ship inside a real bottle and then put it in the LEGO ship. A unique gift for any budding mariner or aspiring Legosetter.

17. Dig a Dozen Gem Blocks

This is a great science kit for kids. There are 12 gemstones that need to be excavated from the brick and placed in this dig box. Once they’re dug up, there’s a card that describes the history and characteristics of each gemstone.

18. Minecraft The Panda Nursery

Help the cute panda couple start a family with this Lego set featuring a nursery, zoo, and skateboarder friend. Made of sustainable wood and LEGO bricks, the set offers an engaging experience for players of all ages.

19. Minecraft Diary

A diary about a 12-year-old zombie in minecraft. What could go wrong? This book is funny and surprisingly deep for a kids’ book. Plus, it has screenshots from the video game so you can see what the character sees!

20. Minecraft Sword

A cool-looking, collectible sword replica inspired by the hit video game – Minecraft! This officially licensed Minecraft product makes a great gift for that fan of the game or just like having your daily dose ofMinecraft in real life!

21. Minecraft Enderman Halloween T-Shirt

If there’s one thing 15-year-old boys love, it’s a glow-in-the dark shirt that says “Enderman.” If there are two things 15-year-old boys love, it’s a glowing enderman shirt and Halloween is coming up soon! This Minecraft tee has both of those things going for it, making it an easy winner as the best gift on our list.

22. Lego Minecraft The Ender Dragon Building Kit

This building kit includes pieces to build the ender dragon, then it comes alive in the game and you can battle it! Do your part and vanquish this black beast from the Minecraft world.

23. Slime Kit

There’s a lot of slime-making fun in this giant kit! It includes everything you need to make multiple kinds of slime, including glow-in-the-dark slime.

24. Lego Minecraft The Zombie Game

A great Lego set for any Minecraft fan or a great way to kill time. This building kit has 241 pieces and can be built in various shapes such as a furnace, ladder, half of a brick wall, etc. It also has Steve Minecraft the villager character and other popular minecraft characters like zombie Pigman Minifigures.

25. Minecraft T-Shirt

Get your little one aMinecraft t-shirt to show off their love of the game. Made from 100% cotton, this top is comfortable and has short sleeves, a round neckline, and character prints featuring Steve, the green creeper as well as many more.

26. Laser Chess Set

This is another great gift from the Thinkfun family. The goal of the game is to destroy your opponent’s King piece, by any means necessary. You can only use legal moves that are on the chart – laser firing, dropping a ball bearing into a pit, and so on.

27. Lego Minecraft The First Adventure 21169

If you know a child who has spent hours playing the video game ‘Minecraft’, then this is the Lego set for them. It’s a great way for kids to enter the digital world of Minecraft and experience it in a real-world environment.

28. Lego Minecraft The Horse Stable

This Lego set is a great way for parents and kids to spend some quality time together building, playing, and loving on their virtual steed. You don’t need a horse! Just pull it out of the box and go for a ride!

29. Lego Minecraft The Ruined Portal 21172 Building Kit

This build and play set has a suggested age of 9-14, which is about right for a 14-year-old. If you’ve ever been inside the Nether or ventured into The End, then this set is for you!

30. Lego Building Set

This Lego building set recreates the Minecraft trading post from the game. The 21167 Lego Minecraft Trading Post is packed with popular Minecraft features to inspire endless imaginative role-play, including an exploding mine, hostile skeleton, mysterious trader, and 2 llamas!

31. Lego Minecraft The Warped Forest

This Lego set is great for kids or adults who love Legos and playing minecraft. This set offers an inside joke for any lego fans out there, the twisted forest. Anyone who has spent time in a virtualMinecraft world will recognize some of the items in this set!

32. Minecraft Smartwatch

What a perfect way to enjoy your favorite game – on your wrist! This wearable technology brings the digital world to life, bringing you notifications, instant messages, and app-based functions. The watch itself is equipped with basic features including an alarm function and Bluetooth connectivity.

33. Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Foam Double-Sided Axe

Ready your portal gun and fly through the Aether because it’s time for some Skyrim nostalgia! The foam axe from your childhood is back, only now it has better sounds and looks way cooler. This double-sided foam weapon will have you feeling like a boss in no time. Play as either a boy or girl (no gender preference) who must traverse various biomes while slaying mobs and digging dungeons with this bad boy. It makes the perfect gift for that 12-year-old in your life who loves roleplay AND Katanas.

34. Minecraft Dungeons Deluxe Foam Sword

Playing with toys is fun, but playing with toys that reenact the action you see in videos can be even more rewarding. That s exactly what this deluxe foam sword does; it mimics the movements of a real sword and makes the correct sounds to complete the experience.

35. Pixels Party Supplies

These sweet treat boxes are so perfect for a birthday party or even just an ice cream social! Each set includes 16 Camouflage treat boxes, ready to spark a dozen smiles.

36. UNO Minecraft Card Game

UNO is such a fun game, and now withMinecraft elements, it’s even better! Play cards featuring Minecraft characters and items as you race to get rid of all your cards before someone else does. The first player to 500 points wins.

37. STEM Stereo System

This is a great gift for 6-year-old boys that love to tinker and build things. This building set has 150 parts that can be assembled into five basic models—a plane, helicopter, racing car, bulldozer, and bike. It helps with hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, improves logical thinking and problem-solving skills while also enhancing creativity among those with mechanical skills ages 8–12.

38. Lego Minecraft The Crafting Box

This is a great gift for any child who is a fan of Lego and also likes Minecraft. This set comes with 564 bricks and pieces, as well as instructions on how to build the Minecraft sets that you see in the game. Also, this set includes some figures that you can put together to make your own adventures in the digital world!

39. Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

The world’s best-selling video game is now the basis for this logic puzzle! Players must use the magnetic pieces to recreate the environment they see onscreen. It makes a great gift for that 9-year-old boy who loves puzzles and playing Minecraft.

40. Minecraft: Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Minecraft is the world’s number one video game. Now it’s a board game! This unique, shared experience brings together up to four players and lets them experience the thrills of building, exploration, and survival in the Overworld – or battling mobs in the Nether and End.

41. Lego Minecraft The Pig House

The perfect way to get started with LEGO Minifigures. This set includes a Alex, a creeper and two pigs. All you need is your imagination!

42. Lego Minecraft The Bee Farm

One of the best parts about playing Minecraft is building amazing things out of Legos. Now you can build structures from the game and have them actually stand in real life! This Lego set has 238 pieces and unlocks nine figures including a beelover, beekeeper, villager, sheep, and more.

43. Minecraft Backpack

This backpack is a fun and eco-friendly way for 9-year-old boys to carry all their gear. Made from recycled materials, it’s also water-resistant, which means the next time they get caught in a downpour on the way to school, his books won’t end up ruined.

44. Basketball Backpack

This backpack is made for kids that love basketball. It’s a great pack and has plenty of space to store all of their gear.

45. Insulated Lunch Bag

This lunch bag will keep your goods cold and fresh. zippered main compartment, mesh on the back and a small front pocket. stacked trefoil logo branding and piping complete the style.

46. Minecraft: Pocket Editions

Sometimes you just want to go on a virtual minecaft adventure without all the hard work! Put the book into a 3×3 grid and launch your favorite building blocks at Creeper, Zombie, and other Minecraft figures to earn points. If you end up with the least amount of blocks left in their grid, you lose. It’s as fun to play as it is beautiful to look at!